Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabulous Faves!!!!

#1 fave is family 'in jokes'. Like 'Goon Strike' I mean no one else but us Piper's will ever find this funny, but its so much fun to have in jokes sometimes! #2 My FAVOURITE fave of all time forever and ever, is surprise visitors!!! My mum coming to visit was just amazing, thanks Mum :)
#3 is my new mug, brought for me by my hubby. Now I am as far from a 'yummy mummy' as anyone I know, but its nice to think that he thinks I am one;)

#4 my mother's day dressing gown...coral fleece, and sooooo warm and snuggly!

#5 Mum arrived with food...she had chocolate scones from Baker's Delight, and seriously..YUM!
Let me know your faves for the week!


pink4u said...

Hi Kirsty!
WOW, you look so much like your mom!! Moms always bring the BEST food don't they? Chocolate scones.....yum!!
Your Mother's Day present is so those colors!!
Take care!
Joanie :)

Bridget Larsen said...

Chocolate scones hmmmmmm has she made you Australian Pumpkin scones yet?