Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well, Slap Me Down With a Pickle!

My family and I sat down and had dinner last night. When we finished eating, we heard a knock at the front door.
Might not be unusual at your place, but round these parts, this is a rare occurence (no we aren't shut-ins, everyone who visits comes to our back door!)
We answered, and in walked my mum!!!!

All the way from Ballina! 8 hours away!

I had NO idea that she was coming :-O

She came out to help Charlotte celebrate her 7th birthday tomorrow :)

And then Micks family travelled out from Brisbane (4 hours away) to have lunch with us. Charlotte is DEFINITELY feeling the love.

And so am I *sigh* I love my mum :)

How cool are grandparents??? Wish we had some around full time, but then again, the kids SO appreciate it when we get some quality grandparent time!

I mean SHEESH! When does mum ever sit and do puzzles for hours on end????
So, now off I go, to bask in the mummy love while I can;)


foxylady said...

Gosh she sounds like a great Mum...wish i had one like her

Kerryn said...

What an awesome surprise for you all!

Hope Charlotte has a wonderful birthday tomorrow :).

:) Tiff said...

well now I know what you look like!! lucky duck Charlotte and you to have them suprize you all.

I do remember my Grandma spending HOURS playing snakes and ladders with me. I so appreciate now how much patience love can give.

have a great day tomorrow.

Chloe said...

LOL! Your post title had me in stitches!

Happy birthday Charlotte! I hope you have a great day!

Lauren said...

What an awesome surprise for you! I can relate with grandparents being so far away - the time they do spend together is very special. Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend.