Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Faves!

The early edition! Because unlike other Fridays, I am NOT at work!

#1 fave this week is Eucalyptus and Honey Soothers. I have reverted back to my childhood and come down with a case of tonsiilits *bah* I was thinking it may have been swine flu (LOL - the first confirmed case in all of Australia is the girl that has never left the country and lives in a town with a population of 1200 - mmhmm)
So yeah, these babies got me through work yesterday - Go SOOTHERS!!! #2 ahhh broadband. How I love thee! I didn't realise quite how much until our internet went over its downlaod limit this month and we got kicked back to dial up speed. Ick. I like my braodband :)
#3 slippers....ahh yes, its slippers weather...
And looky at the bizarre pics I found when searching for a plain pair of slippers
Look, fluffy bunny slipper transportation!

Or dusting slippers....

Or Star Wars slippers (be your slippers I will)

And then these are more like mine (sadly) i want dusting slippers

#4 WOOHOO! The Mundubbera show! The reason I am not at work today...our show holiday! I shall now spend all of tomorrow trying desperately to avoid spending $10000000000000 by telling the kids that it has been cancelled...I think the fact that they can hear the loudspeaker announcing the ring events might hurt my story here....

#5 fave is my kids imagination....
This morning they played for about 3 hours using paper, crayons and sticky tape to create an office

They made a computer complete with a mouse and postit notes stuck to the top of the screen!

They spent hours emailing each other back and forwards

And made a great big mess!

So much fun to watch and listen to them playing :)
Sooooo, what are your five faves???


Kerryn said...

I LOVE the imagination of children. It always makes me smile :).

Phrog said...

you wish you had fibre(well we all do). I like the computer it`s a good start, I made myself one just like it once upon a time, could be an omen of things

mel said...

I love slippers too - I have a stack nut no dusting ones, star wars etc although I do have a pair that are quilted and have bling :) same ones as Princess Mary - a bit spesh hey :)
love your kids emailing efforts - awesome!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Such a great list!

I love the slipper pics...laughed out loud at the bunny-slipper-mobile.

Great pics of your kids hard at work (and play). It's amazing what they come up with, right?

Anonymous said...

don't you just love listening to your kids when they role-play? you learn more than you ever could by asking questions....

glad you liked the voucher :-) and thanks heaps for all your lovely comments on my blog. i need to be better at commenting on blogs now i know how nice it is to get comments lol.

pink4u said...

Great Faves Kirsty..
Love the kids imagination..remember when life was that simple and fun?
AND WHERE can I get those dusting slippers...EVERYONE who lives in my house is getting a pair!!!
Joanie :)

Paige said...

I just discovered those dusting slippers last week! I want a pair! Oh, the pictures you can find on the internet. : )

Dena said...

Long time, no see!
So great to have the time to come and check out your amazing blog my sweet friend.
Love your faves and wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

Gine said...

Great fives...LOVE all the slippers
Happy mother's day