Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday....

So during May, we have a few birthdays in my family.

Two of my favourite people celebrated birthdays just last week in fact!

Two amazing, strong, wonderful women whom I have had the privelege of knowing their entire lives....

My sisters!

My baby baby sister turned, well, lets just say she's on the downhill run towards 30 *heh* (hahaha, she is quite a ways away from 30, I am just stirring LOL)

and my baby sister is even further along that slippery slope! (even though she looks about 12 1/2 in this photo LOL)

You girlies rock! Hope your day was AWESOME!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, thanks once again for the Pay It Forward gift, I was so excited to receive my voucher from Anna thankyou. You have inspired me to do a RAK now, yourself and Nic actually. When I do my next post I am going to thankyou with a link to your blog, so thanks once again for your generosity and may your Pay It Foward be returned 10 fold, Tiff :o)

AJ said...

We are great sister's!!! Although... totally not nearly 30! 4 years to go baby, and man it is going to be such a great party, you;re invited - start saving!