Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Fab Faves For Friday!!!

#1 Is Sam's new electric blanket. It has totally stopped his midnight wanderings and wake ups! Like magic :)

(I'll admit to strressing about him wetting the bed, but as he has only ever wet the bed once or twice in his entire life, I think we are good TOUCH WOOD!!!! Did you see that God!?!? I totally touched wood!!!) And jeepers...googling images for electric blanket unearthed this!
Holy Guacamole! That was one hungry snake! Apparently the blanket was to keep him warm, but got tangled up and eaten with his rabbit dinner...I mean come on, who hasn't accidently swallowed a table cloth or two in their time?!?!? LOL
(click on the pic for the full story)
#2 our possum visitor. He is still coming (with its friends). He eats all the cats biscuits and just quietly I have been chopping up some fruit for him too (don't tell the park ranger i am sleeping with LOL) I tell Mick i am putting out a chopped apple for the cats ;0
I know he knows, and he knows I know, but we are all happy;)
#3 hot showers...BLISS! On a cold morning, after a long day...Mmmmmmm
Just an aside...a word of caution should you ever choose to Google images for 'Hot Shower' *blush* DON'T!!!

#4 Tucking the kids into bed at night under their cosy Flanelette sheets. They look so cosy and snuggly and it makes me feel all warm and happy inside (that, and once they are in bed its soooooo quiet LOL)

*not my kids beds. I WISH!!!!
#5 The sneak peeks I have seen of Kaisers new Loire Valley range... Mmmmmm More here

Love to see what made you guys smile this week!
P.S...thanks so much for being happy with me about my Lo being in the mag! So nice to have you lovlies to share it with!


Sharon said...

oh Kirsty...YOU made me laugh!! ("he knows I know") and so does Mick actually!
and congrats on being published!

:) Tiff said...

flannie sheets, elec blankets, pjs and bed socks, warm wood slow combustion fire, and cuddles under the sheets.


pink4u said...

Congrats for being published!!! Yay!!!
Great Faves...that little bird house is sooooo cute!

Glad your son is loving his new blanket. AND I am really glad you don't have a pet snake!!! That is just HUGE!!
Happy Weekend!!
Joanie :)

Dena said...

WOOOO HOOOOOOOOO Kirsty! How awesome about your layout! Ohh I wish we had that mag here. I would love to see your name in the lights.

I am one who loves a scalding hot shower too. Like stupidly almost blistering hot. I hope that everything is going well with you and the fam :)