Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pardon Me Whilst I get a Little Sentimental ;)

Seven years ago right now..... I looked just like this. (WHOA. Scary AND shiny!)

It was about this time 7 years ago that I was having to stop and breathe through some contractions, and was starting to think about calling the neighbour in to look after my Nat.

I was a little concerned as my first labour only took 3 hours, and we had an hours drive to the hospital. Through the middle of nowhere (from Mitchell to Roma)

Little did I know I had hours.

Whilst driving to the hospital we almost hit the biggest kangaroo I have ever seen. Throughout each contraction for the rest of the birth, I would close my eyes and focus on this freaking great roo. He became my 'focal point' LOL He was seriously all I saw each contraction.

Well, the kangaroo and the happy gas....

We got to the hospital at around midnight, and my baby Charlotte was born at 6.30am.
And she was perfect. 8lb 5oz of perfection.

Our family became 4. This is my two babies meeting for the first time.

And by 'two babies' I really mean two babies...look at Nat, she didn't even have hair!?!?!?

Can you see the fear in my eyes? The slightly (*heh* okay maybe not so slight) maniacal gleam? The sleep deprivation?

Yeah, they were some busy days and nights. I can barely remember them.

I do remember how gorgeous Charlotte smelled. How snuggly she was and how wonderful it was to wrap her in a million bunny rugs and just cuddle with her :)

And now my little button is 7. I cannot believe how fast the time goes.

So she is 7 and still practically perfect in every way :)

Happy birthday Charlotte. Hope your day is as amazing as you are!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Such a sweet post...I love looking at all the old photos. Too funny about the kangaroo...

Happy birthday Charlotte!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

You have got me so clucky now after reading this post! I can't wait to smell that baby smell again now! Such a shame they have to grow up!

Alan said...

Happy Birthday Charie I hope you had a wonderful day - all my love Poppie