Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Goon* Strike

In QLD today the teachers are on strike, so the kids got to stay at home.

Its raining. Naturally. The first time in months that it has rained.

So the kids have cabin fever.

today we painted and play-dohed Did some drawing

And some hanging out watching TV

And mummy drank endless cups of tea. Wishing they had scotch in it. Cause quite frankly a day trapped indoors with cranky bored critters isn't a lot of fun.
School is back on tomorrow though!
* why 'Goon Strike' you may well ask....well, Nat wrote on the whiteboard that today Teachers' go on strike. But ran the 'go' and the 'on' together, and it somehow felt appropriate....


lagirl said...

Great story!
The good news is school's in session tomorrow. Enjoy!

AJ said...

Where's my birthday dedication?