Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Faves :-)

Phew...Thank goodness its the end of a really busy week! I am HANGING out for the weekend!!

#1 I am pretty excited about getting my paws on this gorgeous kit! I am thinking of altering a little item I picked up in an op shop. This kits just looks SO pretty! I am thinking any pics of Sammy this month will be pushed aside LOL
#2 Silence I drove to Gayndah (40 mins away) last weekend on my own with the stereo turned off. No noise. I loved it...I really love silence!
#3 these guys make it almost impossible to ever get silence, but they also ensure that I reeeeally appreciate those snatched quiet moments :)
These guys celebrated Under 8's day today with a HUGE party at the show grounds...faces were painted, sausages sizzled, craft was crafted...and everyone is exhausted :)

(for those who have never heard of Under 8's day, you are NOT alone. I remember the first I ever heard of it was at a staff meeting in my first school when someone asked what activities I had planned for the Under 8's extravaganza...apparently my predecessor always planned the event, and it was assumed that I would too!!!
From what I can gather its a day to celebrate the wonderfulness of being under the age of 8 )
#4 is K&Co Blue Awning. I used this range to create an OTP project this week, and I just love working with it. It makes coordinating everything so easy, and the colours suit so many different types of yeah, an oldie, but a goodie!

#5 this is my fave photo to scrap this mum and my sis, trying their hardest to get it together to do 'Fresh Eyes'...

And this is the LO I created...using this month's sketch over at Wicked Princesses. A real easy, fun sketch - lots of room for interpretation and making it your own!

Have a great weekend!


Phrog said...

Yes, V was the one where they ate, well it was actually rats, but on the right track there sis of mine. Yes I too love silence, I have been known to walk around the house on my days off with my earplugs still in whilst I wake up and get acquainted with the world, I believe in waking up one sense at a time: touch, sight, taste(Coffee), sound, and we all know Smell never gets a look in with me

Anonymous said...

You have a fab weekend too Kirsty, love visiting your Friday Fav's and the font on your layout is quite delicious, Tiff :o)

:) Tiff said...

what an absolutely lovely pic of your Mum and sister. feeling the love. that kit is so feminine. lovely.

Julie said...

Thanks for popping by my blog. Love the layout here.

Kerryn said...

Love the photo and the layout! Love how you've used the Pink Paislee diecut paper!

lyn said...

ohhh kirsty that kit does look delish, lovin the pink adornits. Gorgeous photo of your mum and sis. Have great wkend sweets. xo