Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day :)

To all the awesome mother's who visit here, have a wonderful day!
To my own wonderful amazing mummy, have a great day :)
Motherhood is one of those jobs, that you kind of know is difficult, but you never really know HOW difficult until you are in the midst of it all...

What is one of your 'mummy moments' One of those moments when you kind of feel yourself looking down wondering "what the HECK is going on...I want MY mum" ???

Mine would have to be following Sam being born. He was about 2 weeks old when we went down as a family to visit my mum and dad. We stopped at a Service station as the girls (2 and 3) needed to go to the toilet, and Sam needed a feed.There were no parent rooms, just the ladies toilet. So I took the girls and Sam. Sam started screaming. So while the girls were going to the toilet I latched him on. And the Charlotte declared that she had done a pooh.So whilst breastfeeding Sam, and trying to keep Natalie safe, I wiped Charlotte's bottom.

I really felt like a mum that day.

Happy Mother's Day :)


pink4u said...

Happy Happy Mother's Day to you my friend. Enjoy your day!!!

Joanie :)

Paige said...

It's amazing how moms can do so many things at once. I guess we have to! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Funny story...and so relate-able!

Happy Mother's Day!

lagirl said...

Love the photos!
There are few things more endearing than a Mother with her child.

Krissy C said...

whoa thats taking multi tasking to the extreme Kirsty!Hope you had a fab mothers day :)

Congrats on your win with the gorgeous LO for a page from my sketchbook it is beautiful!

Krissy xx