Saturday, May 2, 2009

NSD at Wicked Princesses!

Wow! The blog is HAPPENING over at Wicked Princesses...go check it out! Gift ideas, challenges, prizes to be won! And, 10% off instore as well!

Okay, I have challenged people to give one of their first LOs a 'make over'. It seemed an easy enough task, in theory. In practice I found, that I am ridiculously emotionally attached to ALL of my pages. Bad or not, its not only the photos that contain memories.

This page here... (if you laugh I'll pinch you on the arm! LOL) I remember coming home from my first ever Creative Memories crop. I was SO enthused! I came home with a bag of paper shapes and the urge to cut every single photo on earth into some sort of shape LOL

I borrowed a friends oval cutter and went to town. I remember sitting at my dining room table. An almost empty pizza box held all of my supplies and I felt so amazingly creative and clever! Where had this hobby been all my life???

So, this said, I couldn't pull apart ANY of my pages. Instead, I chose a version one of my favourite photos from the original LO to focus on in my 'do-over' (must have been someone else's favourite too, because it was blown up to 5x7..handy!)

My LOs now usually only use one or two photos. So I went with that.

I now love distressing, inking, tearing and I used that

And I love I went with that too;)
And here is my 're-done' page.
Its not better, its not worse, its just different, and once again when I look at it in a few years time, I am sure it will bring back a whole heap of memories that are in no way related to the photo featured on the page!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty, I love, love, love this idea!!! I have wanted someone, somewhere to post this type of challenge for ages. I love looking at people's early work, to be honest I think it is really very good for a first page and no wonder you don't want to touch it. Mine are all hidden in an album way in the back and I cringe, each time I take a look and have wanted to rip them apart but at same time, it is good to see the scrapbook evolution and see how far we've come. Thanks for sharing, that was awesome, Tiff :o)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pages kirsty, i think all things considered you were pretty restrained with that oval cutter! love the re-do, that flower poking out up the top is gorgeous.
thanks so much for a great challenge, it was lots of fun!

:) Tiff said...

amazing timing.
I had to pull out the first album of both kids to find out what time they were born the other day. So then I had to sit and flick thru them. And much to my pleasure the kids took over checking out their scrapbooks. So of course I had to snap some pics of that. I do shudder at my first LO - creative memories as well- but I wouldn't couldn't change it. It shows how far I have come (or not). But the whole idea is for the kids to have a record of themselves and they were extremely delighted by their albums.

pink4u said...

Ah..the Creative Memories parties...I remember not being able to sleep the night I had mine. I was so excited..I bought my scissors, corner rounder,stickers, and die cuts..I was in *HEAVEN* I too was on a mission to scrap my ENTIRE life with ALL of my pictures!! Now I have 24 12x12 albums and I want to re-do them all!! But I am not...I love your the challenge too!!
Yeah.. and I checked out your Faves..tell me a little bit more about those cute guys running down the beach..Nice!!
Happy National Scrapbook Day!! Have Fun!!

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous layout Kirsty!

Susan Longman said...

Hmmm I cringe when I look back at my first attempts ...great job on yours