Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday/ Monday Scrapping :)

So with the whole weekend pretty much wiped out with me having tonsilitis, Sunday Scrapping kinda didn't really happen. I was too sick to even want to scrap! I know...

I did get this one done, the challenge was to use yellow, orange and white (the colour of chyrsanthemums) on a LO about a mum. And this one was done yesterday as a challenge to scrap inspired by the saying 'The best things in life are free'. You also had to use something starting with each of the letters in the word 'LIFE'
L- lace, lines, leaves
I - ink
F- flowers, flocked paper, fabric
E - eyelets

And this is one I have been slowly adding to each day. I saw a LO over at Christine Middlecamp's blog. And fell in love with it. I decided to scraplift copy it. I just thought it looked gorgeous and didn't want to change much. She is truly amazing. Her pages have SO much detail and must take her AGES!

She just layers and layers and layers some more. And has an amazing eye for colour and knowing what looks good.

So here 'tis. I have made my Lo about Natalie and what she is like at 8. Cause I think she is pretty incredible and needs to be remembered :)
(I swear that the actual LO is NOT crooked. Its just my slanty leany photography)

Thank you SO much also for the amazing congrats about my Sketchbook win! I am so touched to have all you lovely friends drop by and celebrate with me! Makes me want to pour you all a glass of champers;)


Kerryn said...

Fabulous work Kirsty :), especially love the one of Nat.

Congrats on the APFMS win, woohoo!!!!!

Jane Smith said...

Hey there, awesome page...this is just beautiful. I love Christine's work too (I found her over at Studio Calico)..XXjs

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you've been unwell kirsty, not a nice way to spend mother's day. love all the layouts, just gorgeous. i adore christine middlecamp's stuff too (is that based on the one of her husband's hands?) i could just stare at her layouts for hours...

:) Tiff said...

tonisitlits as an adult just suxs. I feel for you. But you still got 2 LOs done. you go girl. love all the layers in Nat at 8. esp the lollipop flower.

Marisa said...

Oh tonsillitis is the pits, hope you feel better soon! Just goes to show you can keep an addicted scrapper down for long even when they are ill, way to go, you did better then I would of done in your shoes...Love the layouts Kirsty :)

foxylady said...

I look at that photo and realise at most I was 23 and had maybe 2 or 3 children. I had no friends at all..not a one...no onw=e to talk to noone to have a coffee with at all. It was a really lonely life for me at that time in my life..really lonely