Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just for cuteness sake...and some DT stuff!

Awwwwww, so loving having a kitten... So are the three amigoes.
Super Kitty would still like to snack on him...but so far we have managed to protect the little guy. He did wee on my scrapping table (thank goodness I had just cleaned everything off of it) so he isn't in the good books exactly, But he is just SO cute! It should be almost illegal!

And now some DT stuff for D2U
This first LO was my fave for this month. Its an old pic of Myself, Marcelle and Tara in the wilds of Hughenden LOL. Taken out on the McNamara's property. It from one of those advantix pre digi, and it had been in a frame, but was slowly fading and was torn a I decided to scrap it. Used an old book page for the little flower...covered the tear nicely!

I printed this photo onto canvas, which really changed the pic. Made it very soft and almost arty. My beautiful sensitive girly!
This one os for one of the sketch challenges this month. It doesn't feel finished to me. I think I shall fiddle with it and see how I go. Being sick kinds makes scrapping hard...
Still not sure about this. It feels to simple and clean. I only had the one pre digi pic of this though, and wanted to scrap it.
Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how your Wednesday is going?!?!


paperpassion said...

Wow so many layouts! Love the idea of printing a photo on canvas. Congrats on making it to the SYTYCS finals - Go you!

Your bug sounds similiar to mine - can so relate to those symptoms! Not much good trying to tell the kids off with a croaky voice LOL they just look at me funny! I am avoiding the whining though as I want to help with the bathroom renovations (don't want to get sacked off the job, want to keep an eye on my Dad and my hubby (more like play referee!!) said...

Wow! What lovely layouts! Another scrapbooking blogger, yay! I'll have to peek around your blog a bit more!