Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some 'Kid - isms' for the week....

Okay...I can see the eyes glazing over from the non granparentals and the non aunts/uncles...just bear with me whilst I gush over my favourite kids for a bit LOL I snapped this shot of Sam and kitty this morning...this was the last shot however, as I snapped this one I heard Sam mumbling something about "I think he could fly fast like a bullet"...I rescued Treacle before we found out if his skills lie in being fast like a bullet...
Heeee, cute kitty!

Natalie had spent a few hours the other morning caring for the kitten. This basically involved sitting in front of the television and occasionally taking kitty in for a wee break...

Nat came up to me and announced..."Geez mum, now I know how hard it is to raise a kid". Yes Nat, its tough ***sigh***

Little kitten is getting a little braver and Super Kitty is getting a little more tolerant...sort of.
Charlotte came zooming out here earlier yelling "I need a pen, quick mum, and some paper!!" I handed them over thinking this must be a drawing emergency...they happen often in our house. The artist within screams to be released (clearly not inner artist packed up and moved out in disgust quite some time ago)

She arrived back by my side moments later with a 1800 phone number written on the paper. "Mum, we HAVE to get this. Its the coolest CD collection EVER"....I went out to the TV to watch the end of the info - mercial. For The Best of the 80's CD collection.

Apparently she wanted some "olden day music".

Man...I am SOOOOO old!

When I told her we wouldn't be buying this collection of 'olden day music', we had tears. Lots of tears. And multiple requests for her own credit card. Sheesh.

I love these kids to bits. The crazies though...all from the dad's side LOL


foxylady said...

They r so old. Ginny is even worse cause her music is even oldener... AJ was horrified today when she walked in and demanded to know "what IS this nusic" my new Carole King cd..shheesh

AJ said...

Ha! This blog made me smile... they are so so so cute!!! Love you loads!!!