Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Want gardening, tips??? Look elsewhere...

Yeah, I am no gardener. But look!!!!! Apparently anyone can grow roses!

As far as I can tell, you buy them, throw them in the ground and forget about them...Voila! I remember buying them. They had on the pack that they were 'dry rooted' (or something) they looked pretty rooted to me. In fact, they had lost their tags, and we had no idea what colour they were even going to be!

Oh my gosh...how gorgeous is that pink/green colour combination!?!?

Seriously, if I ever get married (obviously to the same man, cause he's my Mr Right) I am totally have pink and green. And roses, lots of roses.

The best thing about these roses??? They smell DIVINE!!! Somehow bought roses don't have that perfume that garden roses have ( not that I would really know. Its been a LONG time between bought flowers, the last bunch was from my sis). These smell gorgeous. And they are in my garden:-)

(Is this where I mention that the rest of my garden looks like a wasteland...these pics are pretty tightly cropped to make sure you can't see most of the wasteland LOL)

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Jacki said...

Gorgeous! Good on you for planting them and growing them so well!
At our old house we had 5 or 6 varieties of the old roses. Everyone used to tell me how lovely they were, I would smile and nod and agree with them. Thinking to myself, all I do is walk past them everyday! Someone else planted them and my MIL used to prune them, I ignored them and they thrived!
I was very proud of "my" roses!