Sunday, October 12, 2008

My baby :-(

I may have mentioned it before, but Natalie lives in the trees outside. She loves to climb them, and just sit up there, watching the world go by. She has loved climbing for years.
Yesterday, I had a fight with Mick about her right to climb trees...'she's a kid' I said 'its dangerous' he said 'pish posh' I said....

Dammit. He was right. I hate that.

Moments after our argument, Natalie and Charlotte came crying up the stairs. Well, Charlotte was crying, Natalie could hardly breathe. They had fallen about 2 1/2 metres from the tree to the ground. The branch they were sitting on broke.
Natalie was closest to the trunk, and scraped herself all on her tummy and her arms. She fell so hard she really badly winded herself and couldn't catch her breath.
Apparently when they fell, they fell into the CWA yard. And Charlotte hit the ground running...leaving Natalie rolling on the ground gasping for breath. As she was running, and crying, Charlotte was calling "quick before the oldies come"....
She left Natalie for the oldies apparently..maybe she thought if they caught one, they might leave her alone.
(yesterday there was some sort of oldie convention happening in the CWA hall. It involved a good old piano sing along...I tried so hard to remember the rude lyrics to the songs they were singing...I was going to join in out the window, but I failed. Apparently, when I napped yesterday there was a whole song BELLS! Why wasn't I woken up for this!?!?!)

So the girls are now banned from the tree. Well, from climbing into the branches at least. Natalie is still keen to sit in the little main part, thats only 2 metres from the ground *sigh*

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jacqui jones said...

oh dear nat
im so glad its just scraps and nothing more serious.
i had a giggle about the oldies but hehe