Friday, October 24, 2008

More good news


He's not coming home this weekend because people decided that this would be a good time to burn off, and all of the fires are burning their way merrily through the National Park *sigh*

One of the guys he was with has broken his arm, so they are a man short.

Now the family portrait we were booked in to have, will have to be cancelled, babysitters organised (Thank you God, for my awesome wonderful friends). ooops, just saw how selfish that all sounds...I am proud of him, but I miss him, and I am disappointed.

Thanks for your lovely messages last much appreciated!!!


Chloe said...

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling down. I can kinda understand the whole 'feeling like a single parent thing'. My partner works shift work. I usually see him for a max of half an hour a day, the rest of the time he is either at work or asleep. It's tough going but I know you can do it. Just take some time out the second you get the chance.

jacqui jones said...

oh kirsty that sucks
im wishing u super good kids for the weekend

Anonymous said...

Kirsty I wish i could be there with you...Why don't you come home to us..Come home to Mummy and Kimmy...O yes.
We love you too..and miss you so much.

Phrog said...

Hmm, maybe I should go visit, you do realise I could have your kids riled up in no time :).

Well I`d love to come visit, just cant afford it at the moment, oh I long for our pre mortgage days when we had money to burn. Still I do like our house. Cheer up. Cya at christmas we`re all booked in, so its a full house hold this year, although we`ve asked for a pre-book at the Tyson resort up the road.

Lauren said...

I can sympathise with how you feel. I'm sure he is missing his family just as much. You know where we are if you ever want to go for a drive to get out of town.