Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photo swap

Over the weekend, a few of us from D2U participated in a photo swap. So much fun! It was really cool to play with someone else's photo, although it was also a little nerve wracking...in the end though, I decided that it was only a copy of someones photo, and if they really didn't like it, they could re scrap it themselves and toss mine in the bin!

I got the lovely Kerryn, and she sent me a gorgeous pic of her two kids, doing some cooking! I sent of some pics to Michelle, and she did SUCH a great job with them. I am so excited to be getting a page made by her:-) I took this pic to show off the KI Sheer Delights that I used as the base of the page. Gorgeous! I want moooooooooore!!!!!! LOL

I hope its okay to show this on here...Kerryn, let me know if you would like me take it off!

And this is what I did...I left space for Kerryn to do her own journalling...

And my kids...they wanted to paint on Sunday, but I said 'no'. Mean mummy. I was still not feeling great, and really couldn't be bothered cleaning up the mess. I am so mean.

So instead, they went downstairs, and grabbed leaves off the trees, and sticky taped them onto what they wanted to paint. Instant colour!

This is Sam studiously NOT looking at the camera. He is such a ham.

And then, he just couldn't resist! LOL
Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Kerryn said...

I love the layout Kirsty (no probs having it on here BTW) but watch out, you've used some of my faves on here - I might just rip it apart to use the bits and pieces hahahahahahaha (only joking but the KI Sheer Delight does look very noice!!!!).