Thursday, October 2, 2008

Round 5 - FINALS!!!!!

Whew boy, did the criteria get stepped up a notch over at the SYTYCS finals! This round involved us getting arty and freestyle. Something I don't do. Ever. It kind of like the funky LO. I just don't 'do' arty or funky. I had to put it up though before I ripped it all apart and started again. I don't have time to start again...I have my 50% assignment due on Tuesday!!!!

Some little details....One of the criteria was an irregular edge...I used this Delish key covered in crackle paint as my edge, after trimming a big whack off of the cardstock. This pic also shows my mod podged of my thrifted or everyday items (also another criteria) More thrifted items...some beads off a necklace threaded onto a huge pin. Man I love pins. I especially love pins loaded up with extra beads! And that lace...also an irregular edge I think ;-)
More household junk...random clock bits tied on with twine.
My handmade title...chopped up an old hymnal (so far no lightning bolts...) and painted with water colours.
Tada....the LO

Ugh, I think I might not check the site again now until judging is over...I feel sick.
On a positive note...I got a Credit+ for my last uni assignment. Amazing what you can do when you actually put a little effort in LOL!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


danndel said...

Kirsty I think your LO is stunning!!! Well done on the Uni assignment too :)

foxylady said...

I think it looks amazing, Congrats on your assignment too and good luck for your next one

Kerryn said...

as you revealed each little bit, I hoped you weren't going to get to the end and say "sorry you'll have to wait to see the finished LO"! It's awesome Kirsty. I love looking at all the little bits you have included. Good luck :).

kim said...

hey hey big sis, i miss u, your blog is so detailed.. your such a woman! congrats on the uni, were home in less than 3 weeks, yay!!! :) love u

Lauren said...

Holy cr@p!! That layout is stunning - so much detail and so much to look at. I wouldn't have the patience to add so much to a page! hehe

jacqui jones said...

oh wow
u have done a brilliant job with this
love it all

woohoo on the assignment too

Marisa Page said...

Way to go on the assignment, congrats on getting a credit +.

Now what can I say about this LO, it is truly amazing, you have done it again created another masterpiece. You really rock girl. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, good luck.