Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Mail!

My DT Pack for the next two months arrived today!!!! So much goodness in one parcel! I am busting to dive right in and create! And the best part?!?! I just saved my final assessment task for this semester onto disk for Mick to print out and bind (what sort of assignment needs to be handed in in hard copy format?!? Really...)Its 38 pages, so if quantity is a requirement for a passing grade I am sweet! LOL
And this means that holidays start as of NOW!
Yep! Til February!

In days of old, this would have meant a huge night it means I can legitimately hole up in my scrapping room at night and not feel guilty. Yipee! (OMG look at that little bundle on top in that pic..this could quite possibly be my fave part of the kit LOL...actually, I think this is my fave DT kit ever!)

If you are a praying type, please pray for a pass!!! I am a little concerned that its not up to standard, but I am so over it...sick of the sight of it. And I kept tweaking it, but not knowing exactly how I wanted it changed, so I am considering it done.

Okay. Off I go to play Star Wars. Sam has slept in his own room for the past 10 nights and got to choose a prize. He chose a light saber...he now has to get 20 ticks on his chart before he gets another prize!!!! Woohoo!


danndel said...

Wow that looks like hours of fun, hope you enjoy many long hours of guilt free scrapping!! I still need to send your stamps up to you, I'm just waiting on Daniel to organise some movies to go in the parcel as well :)

foxylady said...

Sounds klike happy mail ALL the and out,, Congats. I am sure you will do way better then you usually do. WOO HOO fun fun

Lauren said...

Congrats on getting your assignment finished!! Can't wait to see what you do with your DT kit! Happy holidaying.

Marisa Page said...

So glad you like the kit Kirsty, i had fun putting it together. I am sure your assignment is great, I will pray just in case that you get a credit + for it.