Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some scrapping!

This week's entry for SYTYCS. Had to include 100 handwritten words of emotional journalling. A single small photo and one piece of PP. I cheated on the PP and used a double sided one, so I got 2 patterns...
I so almost didn't enter this week. Its scary putting so much emotional 'junk' onto a page. I also have no clue how I am going to vote this week. It feels wrong to judge people's heartfelt pages. I don't know...maybe I am looking too far into it.
I am not happy with this weeks. It doesn't look like a 'finals' entry. I had an idea in my head, and, well, this wasn't it LOL I do however, like my butterflies!

Sketch challenge for D2U.
**phew** These were all about the handwritten journalling! Strange considering I don't even like my handwriting!! LOL
I hand cut that sucker...twice! Its layered, with foam dots in between:-)

Thanks for looking!


Marisa Page said...

Has usual Kirsty your LOs are divine, good luck in the SYTYCS. I love that hand cutout sucker as you call it, and now that I can see more of the detail it really is great. Oh and the butterfly are fab as well!!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your inspiring layouts! The first one is my favourite!

jacqui jones said...

i love your pages
i love your entry too
its finals looking!
and im so with u how do u vote...there r pages that im creatively thinking oh yeah..but then i read the journalling and it changes my view totally on the page and what went in to create it.
hmm hard week for everyone
i was totally left with a my problems r so small type feeling too when compared to losing a newborn or not being able to have one at all!

Chloe said...

Check out that hand-cutting! WTG!!!