Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Faves!

Hey Danny!!! Just for you! (My brother rang just as I walked in the door from work wondering why my faves weren't up yet..he had been sent to his computer room while his gorgeous wife was hosting a stamping party *heh*)

#1 is random...but is a HUGE fave...Meerkats.
They crack me up.
When I was pregnant with Sam, the girls were on a huge Lion King three watching it every day at least once. There is a song in that movie called 'Dig a Tunnel' sung by the meerkats all I could think through each and every contraction was that song..I sang it in my head the whole time LOL

Don't you think the funny way they guard there pad is hilarious??? They seem so serious! #2 is left overs....

This was honey chicken. It was just as good the 2nd night, re invented with stir fried veges as it was the first night!!! How good is it to be able to skip a night of cooking?!?!

#3 True comfort food. Arnotts Tina Wafer biscuits. Mum calls these her Christmas biscuits, cause she only used to buy them at Christmas. Now I buy them to eat whenever I am missing my mum. The kids and I ate a pack this you mum!
#4 Love watching this....With him! We know all the words to all the cool songs, and he even knows some of the dances. We just know that we are about to be picked up for HSM3,4 and 5. They'd be CRAZY not to have us!! We ROCK!!!!!!!

#5 RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah!!!!!!!!! Its raining!!! And its supposed to rain some more. This will hopefully put out all the bush fires Mick has been watching for work, and will water our dry dry lawns...some spare water in the weir would be nice too!!!

So, tonight, I get to go to bed and listen to the sound of rain on our tin roof. I love that sound!

So my lovely family and friends...thats me for this week! Let me know when you have done yours, cause I would love to read about what made you smile this week:-)


Phrog said...

Love Leftovers, I`m still going through the Quiche Adele made the other night. Meerkats rock, Lion King 1 was sooo much better than 3 though. Tina Wafers are cool too, they are always in our house at christmas, I make Adele take them to her parents house when we`re in Canberra(As well as the coco pops)
High School Musical 3 is on its way, i`m watching out for it, i`ll send it when I get it.

Jacki said...

Meercats are Keelys #1 animals, we have visited the Melb zoo ones twice and both times one came home with us, Sniffy and his brother snuffy are her constant favorite toys.
Can we see a video of you and Sam rocking out? You see I might know someone who knows someone and I can get you guys an audition. What you think I would put it on you tube? I am insulted! (I was think more like funniest home videos acually!)

PS what happened to Thursdays post???

pink4u said...

Hi Kirsty!!

Love your Faves this week....Leftovers totally rule..but mine never look as good as yours!! Meerkat Manor is a great show..I find myself amazed how they put that whole show together...and their names are so cute.... *flower* is adorable.
I am kinda out of the loop with kids are older..
BUT...I love Lion King!!

Have a wonderful weekend and a great night sleeping to rain drops!! Take Care!

danndel said...

I swear I wrote my faves before I read yours, I didn't copy the rain thing :)

And yes Daniel does make me buy Tina Wafer at Chistmas and Coco Pops and soap lollies!!!

Love you!!

Dena said...

OMGsh did you make that orange chicken on your own? because if so, I need the recipe! That looks so stinking tasty! And I am now instantly hungry.