Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Busy Sunday!

So as you can see, I have given up photographing the children in favour of this cute kitten. LOL He sleeps a lot more than the kids do, and thus is still for a whole lot longer! I have my last uni assignment for the semester due on Tuesday, and as always I was woefully behind. *sigh* I have improved since the days when I actually attended uni, no more all nighters the day before, but I am not much better. I am so unmotivated this semester. makes it hard! I have, as of right now completed 37 pages of this assignment, so I am hoping that it is almost finished.

To keep the kids busy while I studied, Mick took them for a bike ride and a swim. He then bought them home, made chocolate muffins and cappucinos and they had afternoon tea. I think he should become the stay at home parent. Cause quite frankly, I can't live up to these standards!!!

The girls are back to school tomorrow. I am a little sad and a little glad. They have pretty much fought non stop for two weeks. Which made it a long two weeks. But I do so love having them home! So its back to me and my guy during the day...hope between the two of us we can watch treacle! The girls really have been good keeping him from being too traumatised by Super Kitty.

So my friends, thanks for stopping by! Have a great week:-)


Kerryn said...

How good is that hubby of yours! 37 pages WOW. You've done so well - I'm sure you'll get a great result!

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds fantastic!

Chloe said...

Your kitty has grown so much already!!! It's so cute!