Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Faves...

Thank you so much guys! What amazingly wonderful comments to read. I know someone must be saying prayers for me, cause I had a GREAT night's sleep, and life always seems better with some sleep:-)

Busy day was flat out, and the kids all had fun at school/babysitters.

Now for the faves!

#1 The Mentalist. Oh. My. Gosh. I am in love. He can delve into my mind ANY time he likes... #2 My helpful kids. They try so very very hard to be helpful, and they are still so little. I appreciate that they have been so well behaved and helpful with Mick away. They are just lovely!

#3 The cat. Well, specifically the way that the cat, wherever he is in the house will come flying the moment he hears a doona being moved...he loves helping to make the bed?!?! He jumps on, and loves to be covered in the blankets. He comes with me from room to room 'helping'. Funny!
P.S. not my cat....I stole the pic off somewhere...*heh*Wish my bedroom was that neat though...

#4 Friends....Aaaaaaaw. Friends on line, friends in real life. This week, I have relied on so many people. I find it EXTREMELY hard to ask for help, and this week, I have been forced to. Mick and I try to do most things without help from anyone. Without family around to call on, we are pretty self reliant. People this week have just been so generous with their kind words and with offers of childcare, and I feel so blessed to have such lovely friends.
Thanks guys!

#5 The feeling I got this week when I found out that I had made it through another round of So You Think You Can Scrap. AMAZING! They should bottle that kind of feeling!!!!

The kids and I are about to settle down in front of a movie with our *cough* healthy*cough* dinner of chicken nuggets and chips! Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by:-)


Kerryn said...

Love that photo of your kids - just gorgeous!

Hope you all enjoyed your movie.
Have a great weekend :).

Jocelyn said...

So glad that you are feeling better and I loved your faves. Love that you borrowed a pic of a kitty! So darn cute! Have a great weekend!

jacqui jones said...

your good doing these this week..:)

Jayne said...

Hope you and the kids enjoyed your movie :) Have a fantastic weekend!!

Jacki said...

Hey Simon Baker is MINE! Back off or it could get nasty, I hear he prefers brunettes anyway!
So glad you had a better day but Sad you will be Mickless this weekend :(

Pound said...

congrats on sytycs! you'll end up winning it all!

p.s. i don't even watch the mentalist but i luuuuuurrrrve simon. he's so purty.

Chloe said...

Glad you're feeling positive Kirtsy! Loce the tiger and pig photo! Way cute!

pink4u said...

So happy you are having a great weekend!Yet ANOTHER fantastic layout!!

Your kids are so cute!!!
Take Care!!!
Joanie :)