Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm Back!

And feeling refreshed :)
We have been down south visiting my family...lots of walks(our spoiled Doggy didn't exactly walk...), whale watching and hanging out.
I got to have so many snuggles with my new nephew Freddie.
We even babysat!

We went down for an engagement party.
For my sis and her fiancee.

The party was good! Lots of kitchen duties...luckily my sister is having 4 bridesmaids, so lots of helpers(Kudos to Claire, Clare and Amy)...not to mention my mum's beautiful best friend/soul sister Vicky and her family! These guys were wonderful to have such a lovely adopted duty is always much nicer when you have such great company :)

This weekend marks 12 whole months since we got *that* phone call from my mum.
(read about it here)
Sunday will be 12 months since my sisters and I jumped in the car and drove up to Charter's Towers to be with mum.
Tuesday would have been mum and dad's 36th wedding anniversary.

Then, in a couple of weeks. It'll be 12 months since my life completely changed. It seems ridiculous to even be typing this. Who receives a diagnosis and then dies within the month?

Its coming up to a hard time.
Please keep us in your prayers.


Alanna said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your Kirsty as you come up to this tough time. I know you and your family will get through this though. Hugs xx

Felicity said...

thinking of you heaps Kirsty.
sounds like a lovely time away too.
enjoy your weekend

Lauren said...

I was wondering what you have been up to. I miss your witty statuses on FB. :(

I'll be thinking of you over the coming weeks. Take care and we must catch up soon. xx

Barb Turner said...

xxxxx thinking of you and your fam

Kate said...

its always handy having helping hands especially when they are lovely people helping :)
hope you enjoyed time with your family kirst, surround yourself with loved ones over the next few weeks xoxo mwah!

Kerryn said...

I've been thinking of you Kirsty. I am glad you have been around your family and sharing in the joy of your sister's engagement at a time that is difficult for you all. Take comfort in each other and lots of hugs for your Dad. I'm sure he will need them especially.