Monday, July 18, 2011

My New *Toy*

Not so long ago, I was tootling around the internet, when I stumbled upon a link to a super cool little camera store.
In the super cool camera store, I found a super cool little Polaroid camera.
And I ordered one.
Completely spur of the moment.
And then I suffered from horrific buyers remorse. For days. Then I worked up the courage to tell my husband. Who just rolled his eyes.

Then I waited.

On Friday, my toy arrived!
And its not so very little! Look! Its bigger than the boy's head!
We have been having so much fun taking old school polaroid photos!!!
I seem to have recovered from my buyers fact, when I took the first photo, and Sam told me it was "awesomer than awesome", I felt better instantly ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
Tell I the only impulse shopper out there!?!?!

Oops...edited to add the link to the cool camera


:) Tiff said...

kwool. could you email me the link please. mwah.

kids will have a blast with this. Instant results!!!


Alanna said...

Share the link Kirsty!! I've always wanted a polaroid!!

sharon said...

they tell me the replacement film for these cameras (saw one the other day, it was rather cool!) is just about the same price as the camera itself! ;-)
I have a pile of polaroid photos from my childhood sitting in a shoe box waiting for that "one day" to be scanned....

Lauren said...

Love impulse buys - and yours rocks!! I just bought myself an iPad 2 and then was trying to work out how I was going to tell Luke! LOL Lucky I have a birthday coming up and he didnt really care anyway!!

Have fun with your camera!

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow - what fun you are going to have with that wee treasure ... that first pic of the wee man holding said impulse purchase ... you are so going to have to scrap that ...

and impule buying is good!!!!