Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Quick Thank You Card

I don't know if you's been a while after all...but I like to craft ;)
Its not that I haven't been crafting...its just that I am not able to SHARE anything just yet. (and some fool posted off her CHA projects without taking any photos *DOH* if anyone happens by the Kaisercraft booth, say hi to my projects for me? LOL)

Here is a super quick easy card for DownUnderDirect :)

Full materials list here
I've been trying to make more postage friendly cards. Which is quite difficult! I keep trying to add buttons and bling...which all add bulk!
Have you checked out their snazzy new website? Looking GOOD!


Karen Shady said...

LOL about not photographing your projects. I did the exact same thing with my CHA stuff too :( ... BUT, I can say, that I work at Kaisercraft as a designer, and I have seen Kirstys CHA projects first hand, and they are fabulous : .........

Felicity said...

what a sweet card and ya at having something at CHA :)) x

Kerryn said...

LOL I'm sure I'd do something like that too. how cool having something at CHA though!!! This card is gorgeous! I hear ya on the bulk thing. It's so hard to not make them too bulky.