Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh wow!

Thank you SO much for your beautiful caring, supportive comments on my last post. You guys are amazing! I could feel love surrounding me all day:)

You'll never guessed what happened...
So, I was feeling fairly down, when I got a call from my little sis.
She had had a hospital appointment this morning and she was told her baby was breech.
A little sad, scary and disappointing for her.
After speaking to her about this and finding a few links re turning breech babies, I got another phone call.
My sis had gone back to work.....and her waters broke!
3-4 weeks early!

It was baby day!!!

So, after a sad start to my day, we have another baby in our rapidly expanding family.
And you know? This baby girl looks just like mum.
What a precious distraction for mum's dreaded anniversary!
Its hard to be sad when looking at such a perfect little face :)

I just hope that Poppy guy doesn't use up all the snuggles before Aunty Kirsty gets there!!!
Thanks for stopping guys have no idea how much your support means <3


Kate said...

what a coincidence!! definitely a sign from above kirst. how fantastic are those photos, congrats to your sister and your family, precious times xox

HarmonySweetpea said...

Such a precious memory on a sad day. The worlds way of giving you all something lovely to remember on this date from now on too. Congrats to your sis.

Lauren said...

Awww that is just beautiful!! What a special day for you and your family. Congrats Aunty Kirsty - enjoy those cuddles. xx

Teresa said...

What a fantastic way to distract you from the sadness of the day. Congratulations Aunty!

Jasmine S said...

Oh that is just awesome news for you. What a celebration on an otherwise sad day. Congrats to your sister.
And thank you for your chain of events. I could see myself wiping a toddler bum whilst breastfeeding a baby but then when I read further about the public toilet at the truck stop....funniest ever. Thanks for my giggle.

sharon said...

congrats aunty kirsty (and claire! do I have the right sister?) hope it all went well...but is it a boy or a girl? name? details woman, details!

(and yes, I'd reckon your mum might have had a hand in events, don't you?!)

Sweet Tea said...

God's way of changing a sad day to one of rejoicing. I'm so happy the baby is here and everyone is healthy. Enjoy those snuggles and sweet baby smells. Fantastic!

Kristal said...

She is truley beautiful Kirsty and congratulations on being a new Aunty and to your sister for being a new mum- Iread your blog always and sorry I dont comment much but my heart just did a big sob for you- for the sadness you have in your heart and for the little pink gift that your family was given on such a sad emotiional day. Big hugs and kissesxoxo

Tanya Tahir said...

What a beautiful blessing and a welcome distraction. Hugs my sweet friend xxx

Barb Turner said...

Kirsty how wonderful!! I hope you get to have baby cuddles very soon <3 <3 <3

Kerryn said...

Doesn't the world work in wonderfully mysterious ways that in the depths of your grief you have this wonderful joy to behold. I am so very pleased to hear of this latest addition to your family. Congratulations!! Hope you get those cuddles soon :).

Melinda said...

Oh Kirsty I just read your last post and I am so sorry for your loss...but how exciting and wonderful that you have a little neice born on that day...CONGRATS and enjoy spending this time with your family :)) HUGS xx

Karen Shady said...

OMG Im a blubbering mess again :) But I beleive your Mum had a little hand in this :) what is a very sad day for you all, can now be a little brighter every year. Congratulations my dear friend xx