Saturday, July 16, 2011

KaiserCraft Sketch Inspiration :)

I love sketch challenges!
I love when I am scheduled for the Saturday Sketch roster over at Kasiercraft :) I love not having to think about balancing embellishments and elements...all of the thinking is done for you!

I have used Class of '87 for my sketch interpretation this week...all about my poor broken baby.
I so remember getting this phone call.
Mick and the kids had to get back to work and school following mum's funeral, so I stayed in Ballina an extra few days to help sort through mum's things and just try to get my head back into some sort of 'normal' after an insane couple of weeks.
My sisters and I had just been through mum's clothes. We got back to my brother's house at about 4 o'clock when my phone rang.
Mick's first words were 'Don't panic, she's okay'...
Yeah...don't panic?!?!?
Within an hour I had packed, and my brother and his wife were driving me the 8 hours home (as Mick had our car).

An older boy at school ran smack into Nat and snapped her collar bone. She had to go in the ambulance and everything...all very exciting and scary for a little 9 year old girl-who's mum wasn't there.

She's all good now.
3 months of trips to Bundaberg for specialist appointments and x-rays, and its all good (mostly...the specialist says that all other healing will happen as she grows...any experience out there with a break like this?)
But definitely an experience I don't want to happen again.
That feeling of your baby being hurt and not being there? Not nice.

Thanks for stopping by!
I'd love a link if you give this sketch a go!!

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HarmonySweetpea said...

Gorgeous, I love your hidden journalling Kirsty.