Saturday, July 9, 2011

More on Our Week Away :)

It was so relaxing.
That was the main feature of our not-quite-a-week away :)
We got to spend a LOAD of time with my new little nephew Freddie.
This was the kids first time meeting him. I had been lucky enough to spend time meeting him when he was brand new :)
Trying to get a photo of the 4 cousins proved quite a difficult task. One I became even less enthused about when my dad reminded me that in 2 months there will be ANOTHER cousin, and a new portrait will be required ;)
I got lots of sleepy cuddles.
Freddie's mum and dad got quite sick. So I managed to sneak lots of time with him whilst they recovered...
Mind you, I had to battle this pair!
He's such a sweet heart!
And then my beautiful sis let me take some photos of her bump.
This is the new cousin due in the next 2 months. A little girl. Still trying to convince her that Kirsty is an awesome name (although my brother Daniel is working on Danielle, and my Dad-Alan- on Alanna LOL)
So much fun!
I would so love to take a course and learn how to take awesome photos and learn what my camera could really do! For now, I'll content myself with the amateur happy snaps...maybe a retirement project? LOL
Then we got a bit arty.
I was going for the shadow silhouette of the almost worked ;)
Funny story...we had just gotten back from our little trek, when my brother ran out to tell us that whales had been spotted along the coast line.
My sister was most concerned that it had been her that was spotted! LOL
Silly girl...she looks amazing! Such a compact little baby bump!

Thanks for stopping by, and your beautiful comments supporting my family on my last post.
You guys are the awesomest xxx


:) Tiff said...

great to see so many happy moments. and the bump shots are great.

If I may give you a tip..... use flash when photographing people outside. It fills in the shadows and if you have the person with their back to the sun (like the shot of your sister on the beach with the sea in the background) the sun rimlights and the flash fills in the shadows on the side that you see.

take good care of yourself dear friend.


Sweet Tea said...

It sounds like a great time away. Little Fred is adorable and the older kids are cuties too. And you're soon to get another new baby in the family? I.Am.So.Jealous.

You're a rich lady.
Loved your photos - no lessons needed.

donna said...

what a great excuse to get all the cousins together again when the new baby arrives Kirst! your baby bump photos of your sister are gorgeous.. and I agree... Freddie is a cutie and his cousins look besotted with him.. Just like you lol

Alanna said...

I'll put a vote in for Alanna :) Spelt exactly like that. But she'll probably never get it spelt right. Too many variations! Mine is pronounched A-lahn-a (with a long "lahn", but if you want it more like "Alan" with an "a" on the end, I'd spell it with one "n" :) :)

Gorgeous photos of the bub and the bump :) :)

Kate said...

so gorgeous kirst, and so lovely to see your beautiful family growing as no doubt there is so much more love to be shared around :) sweet as!! xox

Felicity said...

ooooh.. those photos are the cutest. You truly can see the love there with your nephew :))
had a giggle at the baby names - sounds like my family.
enjoy your week. x

Krissy Christie said...

So much gorgeousness lovely!

Krissy xx

P.S all the piccies are fab :)

Janna Werner said...

O love pregnancy photos! These are lovely!