Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kaisercrafty Sharing :)

A LO about our mad dash up to Charter's Towers following mum's diagnosis using Little Toot...I had a giggle sticking this 'Service Station 8km' Sticker onto the LO...
The photo was taken on a stretch of road called the 'Bellyando Crossing'. A stretch of road about 300km long, with no turns and a service station marking the halfway point.
Definitely no 'Service Station 8km' signs along this stretch!

^^ That's a pic of the magnificent service station.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are enjoying a wonderfully lazy Sunday! I know I am (well, once I put on my cleaning fairy outfit and tackle my bathroom!)


Felicity said...

haha at the servo at Bellanyo crossing..I remember that well!! All the talk about it, you would think there was more than a servo uh!
AWESOME page :)) x

Kerryn said...

hehe it's good to have a laugh at these things.

The page is fabulous Kirsty!!