Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day Two...The Natives Are Restless...

Well, the kids are officially bored. I have kinda run out of ideas to entertain them! Charli and Sam have woken up with the most wicked coughs and colds...I say woken up, but they were awake on and off all night. My loving husband let me sleep in this morning until 7:30 while he got up and fed the poor starving darlings (not that he had much choice...I wasn't moving ANYWHERE!!!)
The kids enjoyed creating their canvases, Natalie painted a mummy and baby panda bear in a forest of bamboo, Charli painted a zebra and giraffe on the savannah (her word...she's a clever girlie!) and Sam painted 4 army guys shooting at a pink bird....hmmmm, the kid has issues!!!!

I found it interesting that they refused to touch the cheap paints I bought especially for the project, and instead went straight for my favourite colours in my Making Memories paints. Heh, perfect excuse to re stock I think!
So, Our plans for today have changed with the kids colds, and instead of going to have coffee and a play (Coffee for me not the kids!) with my gorgeous friend Jakki and Nat's BFF Perrinne, we are stuck at home. I am thinking that this calls for a board game extravaganza....Bet I can beat them all at Twister!!!

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foxylady said...

I just Love your blog..I feel like I am up to date with your family. Thank you for doing it AND sharing it. Its fantastic..hope the kidlets are better soon. and ditto on your feelings about the holidays.