Monday, April 21, 2008


So, after the holidays it has been straight back into life... home work on the first day back! I don't know if I have mentioned before, but I HATE homework. Especially when Mick is away, dinner needs cooking and the kids hair all has to be washed. This pic is of Charli doing her homework on the kitchen floor. Poor kid...must get a table for the kitchen!

Saturday Sam woke up and realised that his baby had no boy clothes *gasp*! So, Sam, Mummy and Baby Jesus (yes the bubby is called Baby Jesus) went down to the op shop. One of the old ladies in town must like sewing, cause we found a HEAP of lovely little dolly clothes for .50c. So, Sam is happy, as is Baby Jesus. It was a little embarrassing explaining the Baby Jesus name to everyone who asked (and really, who can resist stopping to talk to a cute little guy with a baby!?!) I love the photo with Baby Jesus on a lead. Moments before the pic was taken Sam also had a tail on...

I have decided to do some layouts for the local show. I figure if we don't support things like this, they won't have them any more, so I will pay my .15c (LOL) per entry and suport the show. I figure I won't win, but if everyone thought that way there wouldn't be anything to look at! I am also considering entering some cooking, or maybe I will get the kids to do some cooking for the junior sections. I tell you, the judges for the junior cooking section must be VERY brave!

Grrrrrr....I tried to take some photos of the girls walking up to their classrooms today, but the camera had run out of battery:-( I feel sad every morning when I see those little girls walking up all by themselves with their HUGE back packs on. They seem so little...

I'll try and take some pics tomorrow to show you what I mean. I'll also try and take a pic of my project in progress...I was going to today, but the no battery thing kinda got in the way! I have two assignments due this week! Looks like its going to be a busy one!

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