Monday, April 14, 2008

Last day of holidays

Grrr, sorry 'bout the sideways pic...but isn't she gorgeous??? I am still trying to figure out how to fix things like that, so bear with me!
I needed some more pics of them all, so I organised a very quick photo shoot out on the front verandah. They were quite keen, for about 10 seconds so I had to move fast:-)
And using the cat got me an extra 3.2 seconds!!!

Last day of holidays today. Our bags are packed and uniforms are ironed. Charlotte is BUSTING to get back. She has missed her teacher and all of her friends. Natalie wants to stay at home forever apparently...homeschooling anyone!?! Ahhh, if only I had the patience:-)

I handed in another assignment this afternoon. No feedback from the last one, and this one is a continuation of if I got the first part wrong, the 2nd part is wrong too! Ah well...such is life!

So Sam and I are planning our very quiet day tomorrow. I think our highlight will quite possibly be the supermarket...Sam loves the supermarket when it just him and I. I buy him all manner of naughty treats to keep him happy, and its sooooo nice to just have one child to spoil!!

Why is it that I never appreciated having one child when I only had the one!? Hmmm, maybe there wasn't much time when there was just the one! We moved onto having the two fairly quickly...

So, I shall be sad and lonely tomorrow...and I will be sure and snap a few pics of the girlies going off to school:-)

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