Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well, we didn't ruin ANZAC day!

Nope, ANZAC day was all good! The Piper's didn't desecrate any memories or do anything inappropriate, probably because instead of taking Sam to the march I stayed home with him and baked ANZAC bickies...Mick and I kind of had vivid flashbacks of Sam during the memorial service last year and unanimously decided to keep him home.

Don't the girls look lovely in their guide uniforms? I thought that their Ginny would be impressed cause they are pink and purple!

And of course, because he was home with mumma and no other kids, he got to lick the bowl and the spoon when we were finished YUM!I have a major assignment due tomorrow. Its worth 60% of the unit, so please pray! I don't want to 'wow' anyone, I just want to pass!! Mick has taken the kids out for a bush walk to his National Park so I can get some stuff done. It is heaven to have the house quiet...I haven't actually done any work! I baked a cake, did the washing and maybe scrapped for a little minute.... I promise when i am done here I am going to do some study!

I am glad that you liked my teary story. I have read it again this morning and again ended up crying. I am such a sook:-(

Love to you all!

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foxylady said...

You were so right. The Ginny loves the outfits..O my gosh ask Nat can she get one for Ginny!!!!!So proud of them and their Mum and their Dad and their brother