Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday lazy Sunday

Well, at least they usually are in our house!
The day began at 6:30 with Sam requesting porridge...loudly and very insistently! We managed to distract him (or at least lock him out) for 1/2 an hour, until Super Kitty launched himself off the couch and onto Sam's back. We then took pity on him and fed him breakfast...

Mick really and truly finished the kids playroom today. The blinds are up, the walls and trim are painted and the kids toys are off the front verandah and back where they belong...for now anyway! As they are playing out there as I type, I am thinking that the toys will now be all over the floor. At least they are in the right room?!?

I seem to be a little obsessed by scrapping canvases lately, so I decided to snap a shot of my favourite wall in the house – well, my favourite wall for today!!!
So, that’s about it for today, I still have until 5pm to submit my first assignment, and I am soooooo nervous!!

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jacqui jones said...

love those canvas's
and your house is looking fantastic