Saturday, April 5, 2008

Well, this is us!

Well, this really is 'Just us'. Warts and all our ordinary glory! I am starting this blog about our little family so that when I am old and grey I can look back and remember all these precious times, and smile!

Like today for example. I finally after 6 years figured out how to get Charlotte to go to bed and go to sleep without the 1000000000000000 trips out to get a drink, have a chat, go to the loo..... I let them play until she finally wandered out and asked to go to bed. She was asleep in 5 minutes flat! I am putting in a pic of her with her student of the month certificate. Yes, in a few short weeks we have gone from having to go up to her classroom daily to bail her out to winning student of the month. Go Charli!

On the renovations side of things, Mick finished painting the kids toy room. it is a lovely shade of blue....His language got a bit blue too when I suggested that he go back and redo the whole house in this colour :-O
I have my first uni assignment due tomorrow, and according to my magic 8 ball on my face book page "it is certain" that I will fail. I think its time for a new magic 8 ball! So, wish me luck and hope that the stupid ball is wrong!

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ballinaboy said...

Hey Kirsty - I am really enjoying your blog -get to see recent pictures of our babies and find out what they and you and Mick have been doing. Keep up the good Blogging
Love Dad