Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm tired, crabby and my brain hurts....

This Lego house is what kept Natalie busy for most of today. She is getting very good at assembling her creations. At the moment, she follows the instructions and creates according to the kit, but the car was all her own! Nana and Papa gave her this kit for her birthday, and its pretty darn makes three different types of houses. She has made all of them, not sure which her favourite is.
I spent most of today studying...GRRRRRR! So frustrating!
I was supposed to go to a course yesterday so that I will be able to volunteer at the local art gallery, but we wagged and went to Gayndah instead. I had a BRILLIANT idea for a project and HAD to get some supplies. I will be sure and post my project when it is finished:-)
Mick has been a champ he is truly the most magnificent specimen of manhood the universe has ever produced, he entertained the kids while I tried to wrap my head around some of my uni work.
(I just walked away from the keyboard and Mick started typing all the italicised stuff is clearly his own...I'm going to leave it in..)
Tomorrow is a pupil free day. Not sure what we will do. I know I desperately need to get some more study done, so maybe the kids will co operate?!?

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