Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So proud of my girlies!

Apparently it was freezing here this morning. I will admit that it was cool, but freezing might be a bit of a stretch. Mick got out of bed and his teeth were chattering! Sam spent most of this morning rugged up in tracky pants, jumper and a blanket...Super kitty took advantage of the warm lap:-)The girls are just doing so amazingly well with their school work. Natalie is now reading at gold level and Charlotte at blue. Nat showed me last night how she can read to herself without talking. Aaaaaaaw!

This is a pic of the flowers they use to describe the levels (ie blue and gold) they start off at the very first red petal and work their way round the flower...Nat is on the second flower and nearly finished that one too!

Charlotte has worked her way through the red and yellow levels and is in the middle of the blues. The thing that I am proudest of the most...they both REALLY enjoy reading! Go girls:-)


foxylady said...

OK so you are quite the professional at this. WOW. You should print this out on a regular basis and keep it in a folder. It is FABULOUS!!!!
The girls reading is fantastic. You go girls.
Very sad I didn't know about Charlis birthday. In fact I only found out today that it is May tomorrow AARRGGHH where has the year gone???
Ginny would love to come to the beading party but I beleive I will be shopping for bridal outfits in Brisbane that weekend...
By the way I checked it was only 6 degrees in Mundubbera the same as Ballina so come on kidlets not quite freezing but hey pretty close.
Love always Ginny

jacqui jones said...

OH look at that reading woohoo girls
i cant wait to start all this with lilly next year
thanks for telling me u are r blogging...its nice to see the kids and how big they all are!