Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So, this about sums up how exciting our day was;-)

Sam and I dropped the girls at school (sorry, no photos, after getting up at 6am EVERY SINGLE DAY of the school holidays, they slept until 7:45) then went to the 'supermarket' to do our grocery shop. We spent close to $400, and don't have a whole heck of a lot to show for it. I really need to think about travelling to Bundy to shop. Surely even with the fuel costs we would save money...

I was rather upset after this whole shopping 'thing' and decided to keep going on my project. I have now finished the little album that will be dangling (for want of a nicer word) from the big MDF word 'LOVE'...here 'tis

I couldn't find the size and style mini album that I wanted, so I made one myself. I cut it out of thick card and covered it with pretty K&Co. papers I had in my scrap box. The pictures of the kids aren't the greatest, but I wanted to use the nicer ones on the photo cube that will sit on the bench underneath the wall hanging (I know...confusing..it makes sense in my head LOL)

Anyhoo...whilst I was happily creatingI had popped Sam in front of a movie in the room next to my scrapping room. Fairly safe I thought....then he arrived to inform me that he had 'lost' the piece of chewing gum that he had been eating. Took a while (like an hour) to find it, but I got it! Not on my new carpet as I had feared, but on my much treasured super comfy recliner chair. Inherited from my mum's father. I don't know if 'Father' would be at all impressed that another generation of children are enjoying his comfy chair!!!

Whilst enjoying a brief reprieve from Sammy, (on the toilet!!) I suddenly realised that the house was VERY quiet. My spidey senses started tingling, and sure enough Sam had plastered his bedroom wall with sun screen. He had been trying to hang up a drawing and decided that glue and sunscreen are very similar looking. I won't bother Mick with this little detail as Sam's room is one of the newly painted ones :-O

Tomorrow we have another little guy coming over for the day. We are planning on having morning tea in the park with some other friends and then making playdough:-) good times...


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O my gosh I have missed the last few blogs..They are great. I can't tell u how much I am loving it. It is so precious and I simply love it. Thank you and good on you about your marks..I did not see them mentioned or did I gloss over it!!!