Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday, Hump Day...

Yesterday was cup cake day!! We made some really wild coloured icing, and the kids went to town:-) They were kinda wild all day though...wonder if it could have possibly been the colours!?!

We also played LOTS of board games. Natalie is getting very good at Guess Who, and Charli is slowly improving with her Connect Four. Sam kinda sucks at Memory LOL

I feel sad today, cause its the last 'holiday' day I get to just stay home and hang out with my guys. I have to go to work tomorrow and friday. My wonderful friend Michelle is having the girlies, they are very excited because Michelle has a new puppy! They always love going out there.

Sam is off to his new day care mum. I am soooooo relieved to have gotten him a place with someone. It was so awful worrying each week where he was going. I now just need to sort out Fridays....

Charli and Sam still have horrible colds. Sam has almost lost his little voice, and they both had those horrible hacking croupy coughs all night. Poor babies.

Don't know what we will get up to today, but whatever it is, I am sure we will have fun!!!

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