Thursday, April 10, 2008

I had a hot lunch date...

I worked today, so not much went on here at the homestead.

Yesterday Super Kitty had his little 'op'. He seems to have recovered well...and now has TWO WHOLE days of eating to make up for. On a related note...Sam learned a new word 'test!cle$', and he then sang the word repeatedly as we went for a walk around the block...ah, children are so humbling.

I also found out that Sam's MCAD disorder automatically qualifies him for a Health care card! Yay!!! Now we will be able to get his medication for $4.50 a bottle as opposed to $35. Quite a saving, and well worth all the form filling in I would say!

Natalie and Charlotte had a wonderful day out at my friend Michelle's house. They got to play with the new puppy, and spend a whole day with Lily and Tobey. Apparently they also got to help Michelle round up all the cattle and then helped to spray them. I think it may well have been the highlight of their holiday:-)

I met my gorgeous husband for lunch out at the local coffee shop today. It was lovely to sit together for 20 un - interrupted minutes and catch up on each other's morning. He is the best, and so spunky too!!!
So, that's about it for today...might get Natalie to blog for me tomorrow, as Mick and the kids will be here all day while I work. Hmmmm might start compiling a list of jobs for them all to do;-)

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foxylady said...

OK so now I am jealous..a hot lunch date indeed.. Good on you!!!
Great news about the health care card too. Continue blogging I love it with a passion and if I don't comment it doesn't mean I'm not reading it.
Mummsy and Ginny
A special hello to my Natty, Charlie and Sammy