Wednesday, April 23, 2008

funny pictures
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Well, it made me laugh!!!
Sam and I went to Gayndah today to do some fun scrapbooking stuff! Well, I had the fun and Sam sat at my side whingeing....
The girls had guides this afternoon and it was my week to stay and help out. So Sam was an honorary guide for the afternoon. The girls LOVE guides. They get spoiled by the older girls (all who are aged 10+) and by spoiled I mean SPOILED!!! They get carried around and helped out, basically doted on. Its lovely:-) It reminds me of all the families in town I see whose kids have all their cousins around.

Nat and Charli had their Fun Run again. Charli reckons she can get enough sponsorship this year to win the television....$700. I say if she can raise that amount of money, I will be pulling her out of school and getting her to run her own business!

I got told today by someone that Natalie has beautiful handwriting. This person helps out in the classroom, and commented that Natalie is always finished first and her work is always beautiful :-)

Charlotte's school pic is hanging up in the school office, so apparently she isn't just the most beautiful girl in Grade1, she's the most beautiful girl in the school!
Sheesh, its hard parenting these perfect people!

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