Monday, December 1, 2008

Not me Monday

I haven't been logging on to my blog several times a day because I am addicted to that stupid bubble game down the bottom. Heck no, I am busy and have MUCH more important stuff to be doing!

I didn't get DH to buy his own birthday presents this year because there was no way I was able to get anywhere near a shop. Nope, organised and prepared, thats me!

I did not giggle at my own son during the week, as once again he tried to use 'The Force' to slow the traffic. No way, one shouldn't laugh at ones own kids?!?!

I did not spend all day yesterday praying for the power to come back on. No, a good mother would have used the 8 electricity free hours relishing time spent with her children, not obsessing about not being able to vaccum up the glitter from our christmas crafts for another 5 hours!!!

I certainly DID NOT teach my children to eat whipped cream from the can. And then *shush* the children when they started clamouring for me to squirt cream in their mouths when I picked up a can of whipped cream with the groceries this week. No.....that would be gross!


Kimber said...

My kids do NOT like whipped cream from the can either. That's NOT gross it really isn't. Teeheehee.

Jenna said...

I DID NOT just notice you have the bubble game on your blog and now I'm definitely following your blog!

Donna Louise said...
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Donna Louise said...

love your background! it is beautiful. I did make the advent countdown calendar but it is weak compared to your brilliant creations. Sort of a covered MDF tree and two little hooks where the numbers go. I would take a pic but I don't know how to load to the 'puter. You inspire love my kids, cherish my husband and find the joy x

Keyona said...

Doesn't it taste better from the can?