Monday, December 1, 2008

There is a reason that we are all covered in glitter...

So we lost power yesterday. For the whole day. It was scheduled, so we knew about it, but it didn't make it any less scary!!! LOL No internet, no TV no Xbox...we had to like, talk to each other!!!!

The kids decided to tackle their craft kits from Wicked Princesses. We made paper chains to string on the tree with the PP that came with the kit. The kids didn't want me to 'help' in any way shape or form, and covering the baubles with the paper would have meant help...I was allowed to drive the stapler for the paper chain! They were VERY proud of their chain, and can't wait to hang it on Ginny's tree:-)
Here is Nat with her creation...

She cut out the little presents from the PP to put under her tree. All her own idea. She also drew a picture for her 'window' as she didn't want to wait for the power to come back on to print out a photo.

Charli's bauble...

Again, all her own work. I did tie the ribbon. But that was all I was allowed to do.

I was allowed to help Sammy assemble his Santa, and tie his ribbon, but that was IT!

He painted and coloured and glittered all on his own.

I love how the kit let each of the kids make a gorgeous decoration at their own level. So cool...I can picture me still hanging these on the tree when they are teenagers!
And because the power was off, I couldn't use the vaccum cleaner to suck up all the glitter. So we are ALL covered in glitter, as is the house. Very festive!

Now, my DT stuff for Direct2U. Marisa was extra kind to us this month, knowing that December gets crazy busy, and asked us to decorate a gift bag. She sent so many gorgeous bits and pieces through to do this with...

I made this for my little niece Brianna. Lots of handstitching...those sequins were handsewn. I was going to glue them, but it kind of looked prettier with the bead in the middle and sewn individually:-) The little stocking with hold a treat and a decoration...and can be used as a decoration itself.

And rub ons like felt!?!? Who knew???
And I am posting this without a single 'elf yourself' clip. Oh the restraint! The kids thought they were hilarious and kept watching them over and over againLOL


Mary Smith said...

I just love all the crafts that you are doing with your kids. Great ideas. I can tell they have your crafty talent!

Kerryn said...

How gorgeous are your kids creations! They have done an awesome job - how cool is that Bauble kit for the kids!

Love what you did with the kit for D2U. Very creative :).

Wendy Smith said...

wow..your kids must get their creativity from you....gorgeous work guys.

AGA said...

There's nothing like a little glitter to brighten your day lol
Love what you and your kids have created!!!!

Also I've left you an award on my blog so be sure to stop by :)

Aga xx

lyn said...

wow, your kids are super talented :) fantastic chrissy crafts. have fun. merry christmas.
belynda xo