Monday, December 15, 2008

Giving Gift Cards for Christmas?

I always think they look kind of boring...and I have on occasion lost them before I could give them. But I like giving them....the people I give them to can then get something that they really want, and my christmas shopping is done in minutes!

So this year Micks sisters and their partners are getting a $30 movie voucher. (I'm pretty sure they don't read this...if they do, SORRY!)

And I decided to try and jazz them up (and make them harder to lose LOL)

This was my first experiment..kind of 'eh', but I like the inside:-) See, pretty!
And then this one....

Oooooh....for me...really?!?

You shouldn't have!

And again with the falala papers. I love them!

Yeah, and the threading water punch.It gets SUCH a work out!
Thanks for stopping where did I put those gift cards...


Laura said...

I want a gift card, too! :)
Anyway, your gift card holders look fabulous!!!!

Lauren said...

Great idea! They look fantastic!

Karen said...

They look fantastic. Great idea - might have to give it a try for all the gift cards I'm buying !!

AJ said...

You are so gifted, and talented and creative!!!

Marisa said...

What a clever idea you have come up with, oh you clever girl you!!! They look fabulous by the way!!