Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today I am sewing

And, I hate sewing...

Well, I hate sewing fabric.
I like sewing for scrapping.

But tomorrow night is the school carols night, and the children want christmas clothes. Apparently the ones I made them last year are no good. *sigh*. They look fine to me!!!

So Sam has a pair of shorts to go with his skull 'Merry Christmas' shirt.

And Nat is getting a skirt out of this pretty purple christmas fabric. Which I am sure Charli will want one too when she sees it. (which is why this smart mummy has cut out a spare!) Sorry the pics are dark. It freaking hot here, and Sam and I are holed up inside with everything closed and our air con on:-)
Now, admittedly I used to like sewing. I used to love making clothes for my kids. That is, until the Christmas when Sam was three months old. My neighbour and I had just made our own children some cute little outfits and were showing them off to each other at the fence, when she (I say it was her, I'm pretty certain she blames me LOL) said "we should make some of these to sell".
I agreed.
Then she started to get orders. Now this woman could sell ice to eskimoes, and before we knew it, we had orders for 97 complete outfits.
yes, 97.
thats tops and shorts/skirts people
Thats 194 seperate pieces of clothing.
And did I mention that I had a 3 month old baby? And a two year old? And a three year old???
But we did it. It took 3 weeks of constant sewing, cutting, pinning and swearing. But we did it. It took a looooooong time for me to even look at my sewing machine without breaking into a cold sweat. I am almost friends with it again, almost.
So thats why I hate sewing...

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Kim Fifield said...

LOL Kirsty!!! What an effort 194 pieces!! I would have packed it all up and sent it off to my mum to finish for me after 1 item! LOL! She seemed to do all the finishing on my ball dresses, and wedding dress etc after all my good intentions to do amazing things with fabric!! I am trying to make a pillowcase dress/top for my DH at present for her birthday, easy thing but I am making it more difficult than it needs to be! Off up to Cairns next week so no doubt mum will come to the rescue- she's the best! hehehe!