Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday faves

The late edition! Sorry!!! I was in bed last night at 8 o clock. I was SERIOUSLY tired.

#1 this week is the first thing on my Christmas gift list. A Bind - it -all. I am sold after reading all the positive things you guys had to say about it. Santa, if you are reading, I don't mind if its not pink LOL #2 is my Flair on Facebook. I MAY have gone a little crazy sending everyone I know Flair just so I could get points. I promise I hardly ever send applications to anyone, but yes, this week i was a Flair sending fool....

#3 Pink nail polish. Not on my fingers, but on my toes. Pretty pink summer toes:-)

#4 Ice cold drinks of water. It is SO stinking hot here (38C or 100F today, and supposedly hotter tomorrow ) and seriously there is NOTHING better than ice cold water.
Except maybe ice cold beer. I almost stopped and bought myself a beer on my way to the kids carols concert the other night. How classy would that have been?!? LOL I managed to resist.

#5 is my favourite Christmas carol. EVER. This song makes me almost cry every time I hear it. Violet In The Snow (click the title and it should take you to the words of the song)

See Donna??? Mumsy??? I am TRYING not to be a Scrooge! Did you feel the Christmas spirit in this post?!?! Did you???
I even pimped my blog for christmas. Go me.

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Chloe said...

Love the blog pimping!