Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I most certainly did not decide that it was too hot to sit at home the other day, then grab my purse and my boy and drive to Gayndah (40 mins away) so we could sit in the air conditioned car and then buy a frozen coke. Nope, we have important things to do here at home! no time for frivolous trips to the next town for cold drinks! We did not then arrive home from this frivolous trip to a nice cool house....cause we had left the air con on at home. Heh. No, that would be a waste of electricity!

I did not feel absolutely gutted when mick couldn't make it home for the kids carols concert last week. No, not me...I am a strong independent woman, and can totally handle taking three children to a carols concert. I don't need no stinking man! It hasn't taken me almost 5 days to get over the disappointment and stop feeling sad about it. Noooooo siree, I can handle most anything rationally and with good cheer!

I didn't curse the idiot (whoever they were) for lighting a fire in 38C (100F) weather with strong winds. Nope, patient and loving...thats me!

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Phrog said...

Check your email, you may have a nice surprise