Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Problem solved!

My wonderful brother rang first thing this morning to let me know that he had emailed me the 2nd and 3rd Twilight e books! Life is good. Very very good! My house is a mess, and I just ate a whole bag of Twisties without taking my eyes off the computer screen...but I am happier than I have been in weeks!

(you all realise that I have NO self control AT ALL and I totally started reading the final book last night. I am a bad bad person. I need my husband here to hide stuff from me *hanging my head in shame*)

Oh oh...and I just had two more LOs picked up for publishing! Good day!!!! You were right Lauren, I actually need to submit stuff in order to get them published..they aren't going to go looking for me!!

Now, back to Jacob and Bella (and if Edward doesn't make a re appearance SOON I will be MOST displeased!)


Kerryn said...

LOL glad you got your problem solved. Hope you have enjoyed reading them :).

Congrats on the layout pickups (it does kind of help sending them in for consideration LOL).

Marisa said...

Great to hear you have you book problem all solved, aren't brothers great!
Oh Kirsty that is great about being published x 2, wow you are becoming famous!

Lauren said...

See!! You go girl!!

danndel said...

I've just started reading Twilight, I'm about 5 pages in, can't wait to read more tonight!!

Congratulations on your LO's, please let us know when their published so we can buy the mag and gloat to everyone we know!!!

Anonymous said...

i am going to start on them when i finish the series i am reading.. 3 out of 5 done, started on number 4 but it has over 1000 pages and the final one is even longer so i might look at starting the twilight series NEXT christmas!

yay yay yay on the publications!!!

jacqui jones said...

oh woohoo
submit submit submit..:)