Monday, December 15, 2008

Holidays...Day 1

So, we have started school holidays in QLD as of today.

And we did some baking!

We had to mix,
then roll
then cut out shapes (then mummy had a quiet nervous break down in the corner and a hit of scotch vodka cooking sherry Pepsi Max)
Then we baked, and cooled....
then came the GOOD bit (!?!?!)

The decorating!

Oh those glorious colours!
Our kitchen looks as though someone has been massacred.

But they are pretty:-)

And cute...look at the angel..

I am loving the M&M feet!
Off for another belt of Pepsi Max.


Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous photos to cherish..they are concentrating so the yummy end product too

Marisa said...

Oh I love the cookies, the kids did a great job decorating them!! Enjoy eating them!!!